What is an Access Control System?

Definition of Access Control: Access Control refers to a key-less house or building integrated entry system of electronic door locks and control hardware that unlock doors based on the presence of a valid access swipe card, or entry of a valid PIN number on a door keypad.

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Why do I want Access Control?

Access Control empowers you to control who has access to your building and property.

The problems of using ordinary mechanical keys are:

  • Keys can be lost or stolen
  • You are forced to change your locks if a key goes missing
  • You are forced to replace keys if a key goes missing
  • Keys can be copied and freely distributed
  • Doors tend to be left unlocked during the day when people are most likely to access the building

The benefits of using a door keypad for access control:

  • Choice of issuing one PIN for the whole building or multiple PIN numbers for each person granted access
  • No need to spend money on replacing lock if a PIN is compromised. Simply change the PIN needed to access the building
  • No costs involved in issuing new PIN numbers
  • If a PIN is stolen, simply block access to that PIN number
  • Door locks automatically when door is closed

The benefits of using card access control:

  • No PIN to share with others – actual card is needed for access
  • Quicker than typing in a PIN – just swipe or touch card for access. Perfect if there is going to be a high number of people accessing the building
  • Track who is accessing what and when via their Access Card
  • Give different levels of access to different parts of building rather than issuing multiple keys or multiple PINs
  • If card is lost – block access to that card and simply issue a new one (you can charge a card replacement fee from your users if you like)
  • No need to replace electronic lock if card is lost or stolen. Just block the card
  • Door locks automatically when door is closed

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Which Access Control System is right for me?

There are two types of access control systems that we install:

  • Card access system
  • Electronic door lock with keypad access control

The card access system: is perfect if you wish to manage entry to a medium to large number of doors with many users. You can use this system to allow a group of users to enter certain rooms, while barring access to other rooms.

Examples of card access system use include:

  • Entry into a corporate building and offices
  • Access to a gym with the access cards integrated with photographic gym membership cards
  • Control access to a membership based club or community centre, where general users can access member rooms but are barred from accessing staff rooms
  • Managing access in a college or university – protecting rooms with computers and other expensive equipment from opportunist criminals

The door keypad access system: tends to be a cheaper alternative to our card access systems. It is more suitable for smaller buildings, with a smaller number of users needing access to a facility. The keypad access system is perfect for you if you’re on a more restricted budget.

Examples of a keypad access system in use include:

  • Controlling access to a changing/locker room
  • Controlling access to a mess room or staff room
  • Managing access to a bike shed
  • Managing access to a lab or computer room/building

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Who will professionally install the Access Control System for me?

We will! Total Security prides itself in the quality of our customer service. Not only are we proud of what we offer but the fact that most of our new business comes from referrals from existing happy customers, speaks for itself!

  • Our consultants will come out to your site (for free)
  • They will discuss with you the best access control system for your specific needs
  • Our consultants will intelligently design an access control system for you
  • Our highly skilled engineers will then professionally install the access control system for you
  • Our helpful support staff will then be just a phone call/email away if you ever need any help!

Take a look at: About Total Security to find out more about who you will be working with and Check out our Reviews by current Total Security Customers

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Where can I receive this Access Control Installation service?

Total Security provides access control system installation services in Midlands and the South East
If you are just outside this area feel free to get in touch as we may still be able to offer you our fantastic services.

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Once the Access Control System is fitted, will I get any Support if I need help?

Don’t worry! Once we install the access control system for you we won’t just leave you all alone. We also provide the following services:

  • All door entry systems come with a free 1 year warranty
  • 1 year free maintenance including all parts and labour
  • 1 year free technical support
  • Support online through FAQs, document downloads, email and dedicated support number

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How much will it cost me to get an Access Control System installed?

Despite our: Use of high quality equipment Our fantastic customer service and Super helpful support Our prices are very competitive! To find out how much it’s going to cost call us now on 01494 469 100

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When can I have my Access Control System installed?

As soon as you require it! Pick up the phone and call us on 01494 469 100 or email us with your phone number and let’s book your installation in right away!

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