What is an Intercom / Door Entry System?

An intercom system or door entry system consists of:

  • An outdoor front panel with an audio or camera unit
  • A doorbell / buzzer
  • Telephone handsets or hands-free video phones in each of the premises within the system
  • And a remote door release / unlocking system

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Why do I want a Door Entry Intercom System?

A door entry intercom system enables the following scenario:

  • A visitor presses the doorbell for the desired premises they wish to visit
  • The home / office owner (you) either speak to the visitor or see them live via the video link You then either:
    • Are pleased to see who it is and let them in by pressing the door release button
    • Decide you don’t want to deal with this person any further and tell them you’re not interested

You will have achieved all of this without leaving your desk or the comfort of your house or flat.
Situations where a door entry system might prove useful include:

  • You live in a block of flats with one external front door that gives access to entry to the whole block. You want to be able to open the front door without having to go all the way downstairs to open it for guests.
  • You live in a large house with a front secured gate which is quite some distance away from your actual house.
  • You wish to remotely give wanted visitors access from the comfort of your home.
  • You work in a letting agent or cab office or somewhere else where large amounts of cash may be stored in the office.
  • You wish to protect yourself and your cash from potential armed robbers.
  • If you see or speak to anybody who seems suspicious you can refuse them entry from a distance.
  • You are disabled or infirm due to illness or old age and are particularly vulnerable or simply find it difficult to get to the front door every time someone knocks on the front door.
  • You wish to be able to answer the door safely from the comfort of your bed or home without overly exhausting yourself or endangering yourself.

...then a video intercom door entry system would be perfect for you.

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Which Door Entry System is right for me?

There are two types of door entry systems that we install:

  • A video door entry system
  • An audio phone intercom system

The video door entry system: is perfect if you wish to be able to see who you are talking to. It enables you to visually confirm that the person you are talking to is who they say they are by recognising them (i.e. making sure they are not impersonating someone you know) or by asking them to present proof of ID to the camera.
Our video door entry systems come with:

  • Doorbell
  • Outdoor colour camera
  • 7” colour monitor(s)
  • Two way hands-free / cordless video and audio communication
  • Remote door release

The audio telephone intercom system: is a cheaper alternative to our video door entry system. It is similar to the video door entry system with the difference that it only allows you to communicate with a visitor via an audio phone connection. The audio phone intercom system is perfect for you if you’re on a more restricted budget.

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Who will professionally install the Intercom System for me?

We will! Total Security prides itself in the quality of our customer service. Not only are we proud of what we offer but the fact that most of our new business comes from referrals from existing happy customers, speaks for itself!

  • Our consultants will come out to your site (for free)
  • They will discuss with you the best intercom / door entry system for your specific needs
  • Our consultants will intelligently design an intercom system for you
  • Our highly skilled engineers will then professionally install the door entry system for you
  • Our helpful support staff will then be just a phone call/email away if you ever need any help!

Take a look at: About Total Security to find out more about who you will be working with and also check out our Reviews by current Total Security Customers.

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Where can I receive this Intercom Installation service?

Total Security provides intercom / door entry system installation services in Midlands and the South East

If you are just outside this area feel free to get in touch as we may still be able to offer you our fantastic services.

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Once the Door Entry System is fitted, will I get any Support if I need help?

Don’t worry! Once we install the intercom system for you we won’t just leave you all alone. We also provide the following services:

  • All door entry systems come with a free 1 year warranty
  • 1 year free maintenance including all parts and labour
  • 1 year free technical support
  • Support online through FAQs, document downloads, email and dedicated support number

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How much will it cost me to get a Door Entry Intercom System installed?

Despite our: Use of high quality equipment Our fantastic customer service and Super helpful support Our prices are very competitive! To find out how much it’s going to cost call us now on 01494 469 100

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When can I have my Intercom System installed?

As soon as you require it! Pick up the phone and call us on 01494 469 100 or email us with your phone number and let’s book your installation in right away!

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