Wired Alarm System

When Alarm Systems first came on to the scene EVERYTHING was hard wired in to your home. Wireless technology had not yet been invented – at least not for home security. Hard wired Alarm Systems have come a long way since the early days and are a tried and true method to home security.

No Distance Limitations

Unlike Wired Alarm Systems, Wireless Alarm Systems have distance limitations. So if you have a very large home or a large property with multiple buildings you could have trouble getting signal to travel well in your home. When we say “large” we mean bigger than your average property (large mansions, businesses, etc). Most wireless Alarm Systems have an open air range of about 500ft. This is perfect for almost all home settings.

No Sensor Limits

Another limitation to wireless Alarms is the amount of alarm sensors you can use with one Control Panel. Many Wireless Alarm Systems have a sensor limitation of about 40-50 sensors. This will not affect the average homeowner, but again, someone with a large home with an abundance of doors and windows could come close to this threshold.

Time & Money

Wireless Systems components are slightly more costly than their hardwired counterparts. However, the installation time for Wireless Systems is shorter and there is much less hassle compared to a Wired System. When examining the maintenance costs of a Wireless System, you need to take into consideration the cost of replacing the batteries of the wireless devices every few years. In general, hardwired systems are maintenance free.

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